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I was looking everywhere. For stylish and affordable fashion in my size at one place. I couldn’t find it! And then I decided to build a house full of premium plus-size wanna-haves from the best curvy brands & designers. My house where I can shop my heart out. The inspirational place for discerning taste in fashion and style. With stories to tell, wisdom to share and to be honest. Where I can be who I am. That makes me happy, feeling comfortable and beautiful.

This is now my home and I welcome you to shop with me.

Ms. Bilocca

House of Bilocca

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a level of confidence

On the barricades. United Kingdom in the 1960’s. Lillian – Big Lil – Bilocca was a very confident full-figured lady, standing her ground. Feminist from the start. A woman with a curvy body shape. That’s why her opponents didn’t accept her arguments. Her great initiatives to save lives of fishermen got discredited. Criticized and offended about her weight, in public and newspapers. This never hold her to reach goals. Every day she got dressed and kept on campaigning. Until she changed laws for her industry and so saved thousands of lives. She became a local hero of the village named Hull.

Don’t forget. Great things never come from comfortzones. You are what you love, not who loves you. Worthy, brave, strong and fearless. Stand for you own rights and others. Together. Dare to be who you are. Always.

Miss Bilocca

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